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Formed in 1996, ohm began playing club shows on the Boston heavy metal scene. Crushing guitars, thunderous drums and intelligent lyrics were the substance of what many called the "mighty" ohm. As they quickly gained popularity, they were opening for local favorites Sam Black Church and Tree, and national acts like Clutch and Stuck Mojo. In 1997 after some lineup changes, ohm released their debut disc "Strapanoid", produced by Ken Cmar, to rave reviews. From 1998 - 1999, the band, consisting of Mario Travers (guitar), Mike Rorick (drums), Pat Tapia (guitar), Jim Donahue (vocals) and Angelo Magaletta (bass), continued to perform throughout the northeast US, including appearances at CMJ Music Festival and NeMO Music Conference.

In June of 1999, Wonderdrug Records released the compilation disc "Up The Dosage", which featured ohm's single "Lick (1000 Viking Swords)". That same year, ohm entered the studio to record the follow up to "Strapanoid". Prior to entering the studio, Angelo informed the band of his departure. Bassist, David Illsley of Dirty Larry fame was tapped to record with the band as well as fill in on several performances. October 1999 saw the release of the 4-song EP "Delicatessen", an all out assault of the senses. The fourth track on the disc, "Puddleman", found it's way into the hands of WAAF DJ, Carmelita and onto the Boston airwaves.

Soon after the release of "Delicatessen", ohm began what seemed like a never ending search for a bass player. In 2000, with a long list of fill-in bassists, including Darren Lourie (Every Second, Meliah Rage) and the band's manager, Pete Michalozski, ohm entered the 21st century unsure of what the future would bring. In July of that year, bassist and long-time friend of the band, Russ Boudreau, was brought in to complete the lineup.The band performed a slew of shows throughout the year and into 2001. But in August of 2001, ohm played what was to be their final show.

Most of the band went on to do other projects. Mike would next be behind the kit for the band Waltham. Mario formed Raw Radar War and later recruited Pat on guitar. Jim moved to Maryland and performed in several acts. The band members had gone their separate ways and it would be six years before ohm would play together again.

In August of 2007, with Jim in town for Pete's wedding, ohm got together for an impromptu jam at Mike's rehearsal space in Framingham. The band spent hours belting out tunes and drinking beer. It was just like the old days... only heavier.

On April 4, 2009, ohm reunited for one show. There were no dreams of money, fame or even the idea of getting back together permanently. This was for friends, family and fans who wanted one more blow to the head from a band that made earplugs NOT optional. Mario, Mike, Pat, Jim and Pete took the stage and crushed for 35 minutes. Joining them on bass for two songs, for the first time in ten years, was Angelo. A night to remember, the entire show was filmed and recorded but has yet to see the light of day.

We're ohm, we're from Boston. Any questions...